After facing some tax issues, I started to work with Lou who not only was able to help me with my complicated case but really gave me his attention to educate me to be smarter with my business and avoid future tax headache. I highly recommend Lou to anyone that wants a CPA that truly know and understand your business and will provide guidance through all accounting and tax issues.

Highly recommend


Last year, I had several events that led up to me not being able to get my taxes in on time. I had been spoiled to have had a wonderful tax attorney, but due to the last minute stress, he was unavailable. Lou was a personal recommendation from a friend, and getting in to see him was an accommodation that he was willing to make! I was so surprised by his efficiency and incredible awareness of tax law! He understood my circumstances and was able to relate my unique circumstances to my taxes. I felt completely confident and reassured! Lou was able to provide a thorough understanding of my situation in regards to taxes, and he made the time to help me understand. I am very grateful!

Very grateful